BS.Player Pro 2.72 Build 1082 Serial Key With Crack [LATEST]

BS.Player Pro Serial Key With Crack [LATEST]

BS.Player Pro

BS.Player Pro Since the beginning of 2000, BS.Player is one of the most popular multimedia devices. Known for many reasons, one must be defined: BS.Player is the first player who has used its users to focus on movie watching instead of coping with computer skills or continuing circulating in order to adjust with the codec.


YouTube support

  • New job – you will play YouTube videos directly on the net and you can save these videos to your hard drive as future play files. You can now download all your favourite YouTube videos directly on your computer through BS.Player.BS.Player has a full function as a YouTube player and YouTube downloader, any other thing on YouTube.

Playlist support

  • Playlist supports. They are included in the BST and M3U (Winamp) records, stored, modified and added files to any folder, and URLs.

Show subtitles

  • Apart from key functions such as font type and high resolution, the system supports many others: shades, screenshots, subsystems, etc. The short time of the text can be saved to the program itself in shortcut shortcuts. BS.Player can show below subtitles (.srt, .sub, .txt …) at one time. You can select the location of both contents and watch two subtitles in two different languages ​​with your favourite movie. BS.Player also supports displaying the contents of the .mkv files in those top binding obligations.


  • All multimedia files on your computer’s hard drive will now be calculated on BS.MediaLibrary ™. From now on they will still come. Many MultilingualBS languages.Player ™ 2.72 is international, targeted for all and users across the world. With its help in many languages ​​and in many full languages, it is very helpful for those English-speaking people.

Window redesigned window

  • Do you want to get cinema emotionally in your home development? Here are the messages: choose your favourite movie, pop-corn and adjust the size of the window to whatever you want. Screenshots are just worrying.

Drag & drop volume rar to support support

  • Do you want a way to safely open a multimedia file? BS.Player ™ 2.72 allows you to drag and drop your file to any location on your computer on BS.player and entertainment can start. BS.Player can play any multimedia file-though it is stored in many books like rar. Now, there is no need to remove multimedia files every time you want to view it, just delete the file in the first rar file archive (usually the file name) or file name.11) and select ‘Open with BS.Player’ and allow your favourite player of the -multimedia to do everything else! BS.Player will properly illustrate images from DoubleVobsubs!

Conversion of the decision

  • Use the text conversion and avoid the best picture if you wish to watch your movie on your TV screen, printer or plasma screen. The device will adjust the TV solution and improve the quality of the movie production.

Removed completely

  • Although the rare BS.Player ™ 2.72 reflects the modern-day technology of this field, we have made the option of simple skin selection and choice of adding your skin. You can make your dream idea or choose from many of the pre-prepared items available in our SKIN section.

Take a frame from a video until you keep it in the jpeg image

  • Would you like to keep a picture of your favourite movie status? Use the phone frame to make it easier. Now depends on you alone that the image will find its way on your wall. You can take screenshots on jpg or bmp forms and describe the file format.

More than 2 AVI files are supported audio messages

  • This issue supports the use of two soundtracks or more. AVI files with more than two posts, multiple language files are supported. So BS.Player ™ gives you your choice for your language playback.

Supports subtitles / featured chapters

  • Player ™ 2.72 also supports subtitles/chapters), not only on the OGM but on all forms. This means having subtitles, installed on the file itself playing. (.gg, .avi, .mkv)

External file support

  • Do you wish to integrate your favourite music with your favourite video? After a typical movie playback, you can now download an external audio file and enjoy the second sound with your movie. This kind gives a musical drama, although the movie has been played on your BS.Player ™ 2.72.

Output S / PDIF supported

  • The feature makes digital digital digital audio and audio reader intervideo. The previous modules set up as Winamp and Equalizer can be found here. This means that audio released by BSPlayer is the unlimited sound.

File INI

  • Using the INI file you can set all selected movie parameters. BS.Player ™ 2.72 will play just how you put it. Do you want to watch your screenshots and the written text? There is no need to configure the settings regularly, your preferred setting will be stored in the INI file.

Normal Playback (Repeat All, Repeat)

  • Player ™ 2.72 offers different playback modes, such as hidden mode and VMR-9.

Show videos directly on your Desktop

  • Displays a video file on your desktop, and watches it playing while you’re working!

AVCHD playback (Codec Definition file) format is used for digital cameras.

  • Player can play any AVCHD files (also known as AVC-HD or AVC HD) made by Canon, JVC, Panasonic and Sony digital camcorders.

Control line control

  • Top users who wish to make the multimedia game easy and ready for your player, will understand the level of line messaging instructions and ways to control the process using our new Control line.

Pan scanning with a screen scanning option

  • Viewing 16: 9 screen screens on 4: 3 screen, dark edges and bottom edges cannot be remembered. The Pan-scan feature enables you to watch your movie without borders. Using pan-scan scan you can set the pan you selected.


  • During your video playback, you can choose the graphics, such as 4: 3 or 16: 9, or you can talk to your entities to deal with different video capabilities as required.

Playlist support

  • Add favourite files to your favourite playlists; You only play the mouse line.

Screen Shot:-

BS.Player Pro

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