Cinema FV-5 v1.52 Paid Apk! [LATEST]

Cinema FV-5 Paid Apk! [LATEST]


Cinema FV-5 is a mobile phone video application, which puts control of your hands on controls.

The support of interesting players and artisans, as well as the video camera application you can find better illustrations and control over the full-term goals. One line thinks with skill!

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  • Android Version 2.3 and.


  • Adjust all the emotional parameters you consider as video cameras: compensation, ISO, light meter model (matrix/center / location), focus and white balance.
  • Change viral parameters (such as ISO, redemption compensation or white balance) again during recording.
  • Zoom later and while recording. Set a depth of Thanksgiving thanks to 35mm based on visual length.
  • Focusing focus on record time: stop focusing on your subject before recording and changing focus focuses on a recording.
  • Technology visual: 10 + grids, 10 + existing plant guidelines, safe displays and more.
  • The most advanced electronic signal in the video camera: from the RGB and histogram for lighting is also available during record recording.
  • Soundtrack options: show audio fish and alarm sounds during recording.
  • Select a video and audio codec, adjust the bitrates, audio values ​​and the number of channels.
  • All functions of the camera assigned to the volume keys. You can switch to EV, ISO, colour heat, zoom and more to use the volume keys (including those in the headset leave) and to emphasize and record. Camera shutter files also support.
  • Video support.
  • Autofocus, macro, focuses on focus and endless ways, with closure switch (AF-L).
  • Automatic (AE-L) and auto-balance balance (AWB-L) lock on Android 4.0+. You can close the release with a white line during the recording of the video automatically.
  • Positive video features can be selected: a variety of storage and custom file names (as well as versions).
What’s new :
  • Fixed: issues with Huawei Nexus 6P.
  • Fixed: issues on other phones with 4K is a video capture solution.
  • Much improvements in areas of primary application.

Screen Shot:

Cinema Cinema Cinema Cinema Cinema Cinema Cinema

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